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Chris Lock - Red Eyed Tree Frog
Chris Lock

From the Califrognia website you can go directly to the website of the International Frog Collectors Organization and sign up for “Beyond the Pond”, their Official Newsletter

Hannspree 10-inch Roggy Frog LCD Television
Hannspree 10-inch Robby LCD Television
List Price: $399.99
Price: $149.99
Save: $250.00 (62%)
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Crane - Frog Humidifier
Crane - Frog Humidifier
Crane - Frog Humidifier
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Frog Book - Froggy's Halloween
Frogg's Best Christmas by Jonathan London
Available from Amazon

Adult Frog Prince Costume
Adult Frog Prince Costume
Adult Frog Prince Costume

Crazy Critters Frog Costume
Crazy Critters Frog Costume
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Kermit the Frog on the Phone

About Califrognia

Califrognia is the natural progression of a passionate frog collector gone wild. Indulge her in this harmless obsession. Come along and join the frivolity. Browse the Califrognia web site.

There is nowhere this avid collector goes that she doesn’t see frogs. In every town and every store, wherever you look there is something to be found with a frog theme. It has become a game to search for a new product that has decided to use frogs on their container

Part of the obsession includes, incorporating the finding of frogs in a variety of places while in day-to-day travels all over the world.

It has become common routine upon arriving in a town to see if they have a gift shop, restaurant, or even a bar with a frog theme.

You also can join in this game. Have you seen a frog being used in a print ad of some product?

Do you know of a facility with a frog theme or frog in their name?

Please share the details. Send an email with us your personal review of the facility. Let us know your thoughts and opinions on the place. Tell us how you stumbled upon on it. Or perhaps it has always been right there in your own backyard and a favorite place you frequent. Include pictures so we may highlight the facility on this web site.

We’d love to hear from you.

Featured Article: Meet Your Neighbor "The Frog Lady" By James Reid

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Roger Hall - American Toad
Roger Hall

The Jumpipng Frog by Mark Twain
The Jumping Frog
by Mark Twain
The Jumping Frog

Frog Rug


Frog Stamp

Tropical Frogs Floor Rug

Teal Frog Rug\

Frog Sounds