The Jumping Frog

by Mark Twain

The Jumping Frog by Mark TwainAn adaptation of Mark Twain's wonderful story set in California's gold-rush days. This is the story that made Angel's Camp, California famous for its annual frog jumping contest.

The story relates the hilarious escapades of Jim Smiley who would bet on anything (even if he had to change sides to get the bet going). There is "The Fifteen Minute Nag" (a horse that looked so bad the other horse owners would give her a head start) that could win any race, Andrew Jackson (Smiley's pet dog that could beat any dog until he came across an opponent with no hind legs), and the famous educated jumping frog by the name of Daniel Webster.

Celebrated Jumping Frog is recommended for grades 6 through adult.

Short story by Mark Twain, first published in The Saturday Press in 1865. The narrator of the story, who is searching for a Reverend Leonidas Smiley, visits the long-winded Simon Wheeler, a miner, in hopes of learning his whereabouts. Wheeler instead relates an elaborate story of a different man named Jim Smiley who was a compulsive and imaginative gambler and who once spent three months training a frog named Daniel Webster to jump and then won money by betting on the frog. The gambler, Wheeler reveals, was eventually duped by a quick-thinking stranger.

This version of the book includes

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